FOSdoc - Frequently asked questions

  • Who should use FOSdoc?

    If you want to document free software for your project or company, but do not have the required capacities, and if the documentation will have a free license, then fOSdoc is the right choice for you.
  • What can FOSdoc do for me?

    FOSdoc projects provide exactly the assistance you require. Experience has shown that documentation projects can be developed with very different objectives. Who is the documentation for (users, developers, administrators)? What format will it have (print, digital)? Will it be available in different languages? Will it be available from book shops, and will it be sold in German-speaking countries and/or worldwide? The modular structure of a fOSdoc project will mirror all these decisions, from content, concept and technical implementation to the commercial processing of international sales. You can choose which of these modules, if any, you require, and when you require them.
  • How can I start a FOSdoc project?

    Contact us for more information at no obligation, and we will discuss the available steps and modules with you. Together, we will develop a concept that matches your individual requirements and can be optimised at any time.
  • How is a FOSdoc project financed?

    Financing for FOSdoc projects comes from two sources: the customer (donations, subsidies or investments from companies), and the income generated by the sale of the completed documentation. Whenever we begin a fOSdoc project, we calculate exactly how much funding from these sources is available for each module. This prevents the costs from spiralling out of control.
  • Can a FOSdoc project generate financial profit?

    It can if you select the right modules, such as the (international) sale of a print edition or a PDF e-book.